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About Us

We are a group of educators/teachers and coaches with vast experience in various curricula who have come together to provide an environment that is freer, warmer and vulnerable that challenges learners’ understanding of not only academic content but also other spheres of life experiences. We engage learners in both online and offline Tutoring/Coaching sessions to reinforce and stretch their understanding of concepts including life skills and meta skills. Our vision is to provoke curiosity and fun in learning experiences through intentional instructional tasks.


Why Choose us


We challenge the status quo and reality creating a disequilibrium in settling for less.

Our Mission


To Develop long life learners who are not only consumers but also creators in every sphere of life. Our mission is to spark a different way of thinking for every learner and seeker of true knowledge that will give them a timeless experience and desire to embrace the true essence of life in an authentic way.

Our Visions


We believe there is a God factor called ‘GFactor’ in every human being and once this factor is fully understood and embraced by an individual, he/she can achieve so much that they will not just live in others’ realities but create their own. When the GFactor is fully unleashed one’s thinking and actions become pure and authentic.

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